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This year, we are excited to bring you a wide range of new innovations. We are introducing various new products in our indoor lighting portfolio including panels, downlights, a sleek suspended linear luminaire and stylish desk lamp. Additionally, we've enhanced our range with advanced solutions for both industrial and outdoor applications. These innovations come with enhanced features like Smart Lighting, improved efficacy, low Unified Glare Ratings (UGR<10; UGR<16), and options for integrated CCT or adjustable power settings.

We also expanded the range of luminaires that incorporate our Human Centric Lighting technology. To explore our latest innovations, click the link below to download the new catalogue:

Catalogue April 2024


We are extending our range of Panels

This year, we are introducing three new panel families. In addition, our Slim Panel Performer is now available in DALI DT8 Tunable White versions.

Panel Lugano

This sleek, powerful LED panel features uniform light distribution with low-glare optics (UGR<16) and is standard equipped with CCT-switch for color temperature control. Panel Lugano boasts an efficacy of 125 lm/W and CRI > 90. This new panel is also available as Tunable White version and suitable for our Human Centric Lighting technology.

Panel Torino

This new design panel is perfect for office applications (UGR<19). Just like the Lugano, this panel has an impressive efficacy of 125 lm/W, comes with integrated CCT-switch and CRI>90. 

Panel Performer Surface Mounted

Seamlessly replace outdated 2x36W or 2x58W office fixtures with our Panel Performer Surface Mounted. Compliant with office standards, it ensures UGR19 compliance for enhanced comfort. Choose from DALI2 or Smart Lighting (BLE2) versions to suit your needs.


Our downlight family is undergoing great developments

Downlight Performer

The new generation of the Downlight Performer comes with a refreshing new design and upgraded efficacy up to 130 lm/W and CRI90 for all versions. Equipped with an integrated CCT switch for color selection (3000K-4000K) and available in a compact 125mm cut-out, it ensures versatility without compromising performance. Available in two unique optical lens concepts with high gloss (HG) or matte white (MW) reflector.

Downlight Flex EcoMax

Our newest addition, the Downlight Flex, offers versatile surface-mounted or recessed installation. Covering Ø65-205mm (16W) and Ø120-260mm (22W) cutouts, it features 3 power modes and CCT switch (3000K-4000K) for customizable ambiance. Available in round and square variants for optimal flexibility.

Downlight Slim EcoMax

Finally, we have also upgraded the Downlight EcoMax where it was first available up to 85 lm/w, its efficiency has now been improved to 120 lm/W. Just like the other two downlights, the Slim EcoMax is now integrated with CCT-switch for color selection (3000K-4000K). Choose from 5 lumen packages across 5 cut-out diameters ranging from 100mm to 200mm to suit your needs.


The innovations don't stop there. This year, we bring you one of the biggest launches, with another five new luminaire families. Among these you can find the Slim Spot EcoMax, a stylish and super slim spot with only 31mm height, high CRI>90 and CCT-switch (2700K-3000K-4000K). 

Our new modern direct/indirect Suspended Linear Tallinn offers ultra low glare (UGR<10), a stylish black reflector and magnetic connector for flexible mounting of multiple fixtures. Experience ultimate flexibility with Tunable White (TW) technology, offering a wide range of color temperatures from 2700K to 6500K. Another new design luminaire is our stylish Desk Lamp Balance with 320-degree rotation and advanced optics for wider and more uniform illumination.

New for industry lighting is our robust and powerful Highbay Performer Linear with rectangular design. This highbay solution comes with very high efficacy 180lm/W and an ultra-high output of up to 54,000lm. Available in wide, asymmetric, and extra asymmetric beam angles and also in emergency versions (EM). 

A new family for outdoor lighting is our Bollard/Wall Light Leo. This luminaire family blends style and functionality in a sleek black finish, with advanced transparent (CL) or comfortable diffusive (FR) light effect. Features include an integrated CCT switch for adjustable color temperatures (3000K-4000K), IP65 waterproof rating, IK08 impact resistance, and triac dimmability. Next to that, we introduce asymmetric (55°x110°) and narrow (60°) beam angles for the high-power versions of our Floodlight EcoMax.

Lastly, we also upgraded some families to a new generation. Our Linear EcoMax got upgraded with an efficacy of 130lm/w and integrated power and CCT-switch. We improved the efficacy of our Tube families up to 170 lm/W and the Ceiling Light Apollo now features a improved design with integrated power and CCT-switch. This ceiling luminaire is also available with Motion Sensor (MD).

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